My name is Luc Porte, Living in Belgium (the Flanders).
Since 1972 I am collecting Beatles records,but solely from Europe.
On this site you can see my personal singles and EP collection.
Amongst them you will find many rarities.
I hope this site can be a good guide to you.

If you happen to have a record that is missing here, please contact me.
I am always on the look-out for new records.
I also collect original Beatles filmposters and all kinds of memorabilia.

I collaborated with several other collectors who were making their book.
Beatles Singles And Sleeves From Europe Illustrated Discography Vol.1
Beatles EP's And Sleeves From Europe Illustrated Discography Vol.3
The Beatles Made in Holland Too , Compiled By Ed Dieckmann
The Beatles With Tony Sheridan. Beatles Bop - Hamburg Days. The book that was included with the CD (BCD 16447 BK) Bear Family Records.Written by Hans Olof Gottfridsson.
La France et Les Beatles , Vol 1 La Discographie Originale 1962-1970 ,by Jean-claude Hocquet et Eric Krasker
The Beatles In Belgium ! Compiled by Renaat Develtere
The Italian Sides Of The Beatles. Compiled And Annotated By Stefano Cipriani
Klingende Post ,Ralf Wenzel. A book about the DDR promo records
The Beatles Covered Compiled And Annonated By Joachim Noske.800 pages of super cool pictures of Beatles sleeves from around the world.
The Beatles On Parlophone By Bruce Spizer
I've also made several contributions to other websites.
So it was time to have something of my own: this website.

Please enjoy your visit.